The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

Vysera-CLS Review

Vysera-CLSVysera-CLS is the latest in a long line of diet pills to be released on the market. The company has been doing a huge nationwide media campaign to promote Vysera. Some of the things that disturbed my about their promotions were that they were rather vague in their explanations.

Rather than speaking in specifics they consistently used terms like “miracle pill” and “amazing” to describe the product. I had to do additional research to find out what exactly their “miracle pill” contained as they never listed the ingredients.

Additionally, reference is made to a “double blind” “placebo-controlled” clinical trial. No mention is ever made of exactly who conducted the trial nor do they refer any direct links to the trial itself. This leads me to believe that it is being referenced to create consumer confidence but the savvy consumer should not be fooled by such superficial statements.

Let’s look a little closer at the actual ingredients in Vysera-CLS.  The main mood leveling/energy component is Trimethylxanthine. For you normal people out there this is what is commonly called caffeine.  This is added by the US licensee as an addition to the original formula.

On the weight control side the 3 main ingredients are lysine hcl, l-arginine hcl, and Oxo-Proline .

The very first ingredient, lysine hcl, is used according to webmd for the prevention of cold sores. The number 2 ingredient is  l-arginine hcl and is an essential amino acid. It helps kidney function along with many other qualities. Third is Oxo-Proline which is also an amino acid. My research failed to find much of its use as dietary supplement.

On the positive side the company is very open about its very high price of $99.00 for a 30 day supply. This is quite high for a pill of this nature and they may be showing it to avoid sticker shock when the customer goes to the purchase page.


Conclusion: I am somewhat uncomfortable recommending the Vysera-CLS product. There are just too many unknowns at this time. If someone is looking for a pill to help them loose weight and keep their mood level I would be much more prone to recommend Garcina Cambogia. Its active ingredient is HCA a naturally occurring compound in the tamarind plant.

HCA (hydroxycitric acid) keeps the liver from converting carbohydrates into fats and also stimulates production of serotonin which creates feelings of euphoria and also acts as a appetite suppressant.

You get a natural one two punch from Garcinia Cambogia. Many studies have been done on this product quantifying this type of result and Dr. Oz has done several shows on what he calls the “Miracle Fruit”.  Also you will benefit from a much lower price than $99 per month. In fact free bottles are included in many orders.